About diyHR

Business environment has become ever more challenging, competitive and continuously changing for MSMEs. Business opportunities are demanding a more agile, prepared and focused MSME operations. One of the important aspects of such operations is HR. To achieve business outcomes it is necessary for MSMEs to align their workforce towards achieving those outcomes. However, MSMEs are challenged in terms of bandwidth, subject matter expertise and availability of relevant HR data to address the concerns of workforce alignment towards achieving business outcomes. MSMEs need to:

Focus on strategic revenue oriented initiatives rather than transactional work

Leverage HR subject matter expertise to establish processes, policies, letters, forms and templates

Digitalize employee information and HR related transactions

diyHR is a ready to use technology enabled platform provided by SYHR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (SYHR), a global HR consulting firm that delivers value added and employee experience centric HR solutions based on industry best practices For more details on SYHR refer to ( https://www.shareyourhr.com ).

diyHR, is a technology platform built by HR subject matter experts specifically to address the business growth strategies and challenges of MSMEs. With diyHR, MSMEs will now have:

A complete technology enabled HR function that offers subject matter expertise, ability to manage employee transactions and ability to address statutory compliances

A quickly implementable, easy to use and scalable cloud based HRMS to automate and digitalize HR transactions and compliance requirements

Advantage of focusing on core business by leveraging HR support services

At diyHR, we are determined to enable and empower MSMEs to achieve their business outcomes.